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What was the German cheap food before McDonald's brought its burgers? For instance, what did the metropolitan middle class have for lunch in nineteenth century Germany?

Where are hamburgers originally from"

Burger who needs Hamburger in Germany? OK joke to the side the act of putting a meat item between a bun is the most German food thing I can imagine. So my companions let me instruct you:

This is a Frikadellenbrötchen. Looks natural right? Well, think about where the "Burger" comes from, a little tip is in the Name.

And afterward, we have past Bratwurst. You can get that at each other corner during summer.

The following one in my little rundown is the Leverkusen. This is ordinary Bavarian "cheap food" and you can see this as warm at each butcher shop in south Germany and it's exceptionally considered normal in the remainder of the Nation as well.
Gracious and afterward there is the Mettbrötchen. Minced pork meat is eaten crude on a Bun. The absolute best headache food we have.
Next, we have the Bockwurst. You can get them wherever even at a Gas station. Getting Hotdog flows yet? guess we found another progenitor to the current cheap food.

Gracious however stand by there is something else.

Currywurst is to some degree more present-day however it is quite possibly of the most well-known cheap food in Germany.

Furthermore, to wrap things up. The Diner. A cross breed of German and Turkish (brought here by Turkish visitor laborers) food culture is sold all over the place. You can normally track down a Dönerladen in many Villages.

I trust that gives an extremely shallow outline of German Fast food and focuses light on the beginning of some cutting-edge FFs.

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